Review of Third National Master Plan, Kuwait

Review of 3rd National Master Plan

SKM Colin Buchanan prepared the first comprehensive masterplan for Kuwait in the 1960's which has been the guiding document for development in Kuwait. In the 1980's the company was appointed to undertake the second review of the masterplan, which addressed fundamental issues concerning the capacity and form of future growth. This led to the 3rd Kuwait Master Plan Review of 2001 in conjunction with Kuwait Engineering Group, completed in 2005.

This review entailed assessing future growth patterns and determining where the population and future industry and jobs might be located. A range of issues such as transport strategy and environmental impact were taken into consideration and this sequence of plans has created the foundation of the national spatial policy, land-use classification and transportation policy for the country and is still in use today. 

This long association has given the opportunity to review both the effectiveness of planning policy and the mechanisms that are put inplace to administer planning policy more effectively.

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