Advising the European Parliament on greenhouse gas emissions

Release Date: 01/05/2013

Ray Gluckman has given evidence to a European Parliament Expert Hearing on the development of a new Fluorinated Gases (F-Gas) Regulation. SKM Enviros, and Ray in particular, is recognised for its leadership in this field across Europe. We currently have major projects for the European Commission and the UK government, providing guidance during the negotiation of the new F-Gas Regulation. We have also worked for the Irish and Australian governments on F-Gas Policy projects, as well as providing technical and strategic advice to trade associations and private clients.

F-Gases include the most powerful greenhouse gases, with global warming potentials (GWPs) that are many thousand times higher than CO2. They are used for a variety of applications including refrigerants, aerosol propellants, foam blowing agents and high voltage gas insulated switchgear.

The new F-Gas Regulation, which could come into force next year, will have a massive impact on the future use and emissions of HFCs, PFCs and SF6 in Europe. It is likely that the allowed consumption of HFCs will be cut by over 80% by 2030. The current draft of the new F-Gas Regulation includes an important proposal that Ray and Tim Thurnham made to the European Commission a year ago during a previous study, related to the early phase out of HFC 404A, a widely used refrigerant with a particularly high GWP. There is still much uncertainty about the final form of the Regulation – it is hoped this will be agreed by the EU Council of Ministers and the EU Parliament during 2013. This is a piece of climate change legislation that could quickly lead to much needed cuts in greenhouse gas emissions – it is good to see SKM closely involved in such important policy development.

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